Group Summary


  Jinghua chengzhongcheng group is a building complex integrating business, life, entertainment, tourism, leisure, education and other functional supporting facilities, with a rolling investment of more than 10 billion yuan...

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Pending house


Jinghua Art Tree

Jinghua Art Tree Garden is a pure residential project newly built by Jinghua City Group in 2019. The project is located i

Huitong Building

Jinghua City Huitong Building, the whole includes RmallB building, C building, Jing Street. The service industry building


Jinghua City Jing Street is located on the north side of R-MALL, downstairs 5 # and 7 # of Duanmu Huating, and has 3 floo

Jinghua City Life Plaza 2

In 2020, Jinghua City Life District will add another masterpiece, following the successful operation of Hall 1 of Beijing

Project A3 (coming soon)

With 'home on the upper floors of Jinghua City' as the core positioning, it is a commercial complex integrating business,

Phase IV Project·Outside the R

a residential project treasured by Jinghua City. It is located in the core area of the west area of the new city under de