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    Based on the concept of city operators, in 2003, Jinghua City Center Group was invited by the Yangzhou Municipal Government to build a new city of 10 square kilometers in a barren rural area 5km away from the urban area. He was the chief planner of the chairman of the Taiwan Weijing Headquarters Group. Under the leadership of Shen Qingjing, he carried out various tasks such as planning and positioning, planning and design, and assisting in investment promotion. Through the successful construction and operation of the core area of 1.5 square kilometers, the rise of a new urban center of 10 square kilometers will be completed, and the development of the surrounding 50 square kilometers of new cities will be extended....
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    China's first "Living Mall Living Mall Living Mall" with the concept of full life pioneered by Mr. Shen Qingjing; China's most advanced, shiny, spectacular and characteristic Living Mall Living Mall; China's first Living Mall Living Mall with complete supporting development of Commerce, commerce and real estate; China's most sightseeing, entertainment, shopping and International Living Mall The Living Mall, the most functional living mall in China that can be integrated with the government, the Living Mall, the most indoor and outdoor activities, performance venues, the most dynamic and attractive living mall, the most international design and international expert management team in China, Yangzhou "Beijing Living Mall" Shen Qingjing, the chief planner of "the whole life Plaza", first created Yangzhou Jinghua Living Mall as a new building with ancient culture and modern civilization, and built a life city with the idea of 20 years ahead of time with the grand cause of creating a beautif
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    The city of Beijing is constantly expanding its capacity as a new urban center. Rmall all life Plaza is located in the east side of the all life Plaza in Beijing, with 206000 square meters of super large all life experience service center. On the basis of the pursuit of cultural and creative life, the experiential service industry center is planned to include education, construction and diagnosis, beauty therapy, yuezi center, fitness, QingChuang design center and other formats. Realize the perfect integration of cultural innovation life, traditional service industry and experiential service industry, and realize the dislocation development with the surrounding commercial complex. This is the first commercial project in Jiangsu Province, where the experiential service center is located on the upper floor of the mall. This plan will achieve horizontal and vertical integration, realize the flow of people, and facilitate the fast life of consumers. We will create a full-featured commercial
  • Xi man Ke international entertainment business

    Ximangke international entertainment is the first international entertainment top platform with many formats in China. It is jointly built by ximangke cinemark group of the United States and Jinghuacheng group, the second largest movie city in the world. Among them, ximangke cinemas in Jinghuacheng, Taiwan, is the most characteristic large-scale movie city in Taiwan. Located on the 3rd floor of the whole life Plaza in Yangzhou Jinghua City, Yangzhou Ximan guest is an international senior comprehensive entertainment center. With a total area of nearly 8000 square meters, all cinemas adopt imported super wide screens of more than 10 meters, and XD giant screen hall has reached a super wide range of 23 meters, which perfectly presents any color details to the audience. There are 9 Movie halls, which can hold 1600 people to watch the film at the same time. Since its opening, Yangzhou Xi man guest has been growing and has become the top comprehensive entertainment center of Yangzhou city. Fo
  • Excellent property

    In response to China's rapid development of modern property, Beijing Huacheng group, taking advantage of the actual rich management experience of five-star hotels, large shopping centers and corporate headquarters buildings in Taipei, and bringing together domestic elites and international material management professionals, established Yangzhou excellent property management Co., Ltd. in 2005, which provides a full range of international advanced property development for modern cities in China The professional asset management technology and concept of supporting. Preeminent property now has five-star hotels, Duxin shopping center, modern enterprise headquarters building, high-end intelligent residential area, International Business Hotel, hotel apartment, intelligent office building, large shopping center, high-end club, central water park And many other large-scale projects implement planning and property asset management to enhance the value of numerous assets....
  • Jinge Hotel

    Jingge boutique hotel is an affiliated enterprise of Jinghua city life real estate. In order to develop the hotel business, we invested heavily to build the first boutique hotel in Yangcheng, and in December 2012, we prepared to build the Jingge hotel in Baimajian, Suzhou. Yangzhou Jingge boutique hotel is located in the national 4A tourist attraction, adjacent to the beautiful Mingyue lake, and 190000 square meters of Jinghua City Shopping Center, Jingcai happy world amusement center. Jinge hotel is 80 meters high, 28 floors in total. The lobby entrance is 15 meters high. It is the core of the hotel with European new classical design style. There are 241 luxurious guest rooms with novel style, unique design and artistic elements penetrating into every detail. First class facilities and equipment, first-class service quality. Under the premise of good opening and operation of Yangzhou Jingge Hotel, the group purchased 70 mu of land in Baimajian leisure scenic area of Suzhou high tech Zo
  • Yangzhou Jingcheng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd

    Yangzhou Jingcheng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., established in October 2010, is an agricultural enterprise mainly engaged in the production, processing and sales of pollution-free vegetables. The total investment of the company is 60 million yuan, which consists of administrative department, production management department, marketing department, finance and accounting department and other functional departments. The operation of the company is independent accounting and independent operation. After nearly a year's development, Yangzhou Jingcheng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. has a vegetable production area of 1000 mu. It has been certified as a pollution-free place of origin at the provincial level. The self built steel frame shed of the company has the advantages of low cost, large space, convenient operation and low resistance to storms and snow. The company mainly grows leafy vegetables, eggplant fruits, melons and fruits, beans and other vegetable varieties. Its sales t
  • Jinghui real estate

    Founded on January 4, 2006, Jinghui real estate is a second-class qualified real estate development enterprise with a registered capital of 240 million yuan, invested by Asia Pacific New Town Development Co., Ltd. and under the jurisdiction of "Changshu Jinghui" and "Anshan Jinghui". At present, the development projects of "Changshu Jinghui" include Changshu East Lake Jinghua and Sihong Jinghua Yayuan, and the development projects of "Anshan Jinghua" of East Lake Jinghua are in progress In the phase plan, it is the image building and core business center of Anshan new city. Jinghui real estate constantly creates a high-quality property with high quality and high taste, which makes the local residents amazing, and finally shapes the projects into the projects pursued by the urban residents....